2983 days

19 x 157


July 8, 2021


Epic Chai Sarah



11013 BC

Gen 1:1


Hebrew 11:11

1111 = 12,700 Pi digit

Genesis 1:1, John 1:1

2017 = Prime # 306

306 = 153 + 153

1111 = “Witness”

1111 = 11 x 101

101 = Prime 26

26 = “Lord”



Jubilee Eve


End of Last



This site is an autonomous continuance of the watch from The Biblical Calendar of History (holding creation at 11013 BC) that was massively broadcasted to the world in the end-time warning of Trumpets 1994 and subsequent judgment guarantee precisely 7,000 years after the Flood (4990 BC) for May 21, 2011. After ten years of being tried watching for the promise guided by the count of sequential signs and feasts days; the tarried vision definitively speaks as the ultimate revelation finally comes to light (Rev 2:10, Hab 2:3).           


However, at the time leading up to May 21, 2011; most of the world including disbelievers and church  goers alike, rejected the warning as utterly ridiculous with no need to consider supporting scripture or test the biblical calendar of proof presented to substantiate the watch. The opposition viewed this strange group of tract-passers as naive followers of a weird religious cult. ‘How could anyone be so arrogant as to believe they could accurately predict the end of the world?’ (2 Pet 3:3-6)


As the day ensued without event, the skeptics immediately went on attack as their relentless scorn and mockery remains well preserved and documented all over the digital world up to this very day. Baffled and confused, many of the watchmen disbanded and retreated back to their normal life. The originators even repented confessing their zeal as sin. Yet, rather than patiently waiting on God, remnants wandered off into sub-sects  self-theorizing new dates of varying direction and rationalizations.


However, once oriented to the realization that God had accomplished His purpose to warn the world its last chance for salvation; it should not have been difficult for disappointed watchmen to correlate the critical aftermath to the storm that continued to rain down on Noah’s family while waiting safely on the ark until one year later when God asserted His dry-land rainbow promise (Gen 8:14, 9:13). It became apparent that God had employed a major testing program that only the truly faithful could pass (Hab 2:1-3) because all hope for salvation had suddenly ceased (Mat 24:21).


Just as the days of Noah, a rainbow sign occurred in the form of a rare annular solar eclipse on Dry-land Day - May 20, 2012 (Iyar 27), one full year after the May-21-2011 Guaranteed Judgment Day. Yet, since God reiterated His same promise to Abraham embodied in the birth of Isaac at the “same set time” in the next year(Gen 17:21), the next watch led to the next-year annular solar eclipse on Ascension Thursday May-9-2013 that was recognized as a parallel “in like manner” to Christ’s Ascension, which began the disciple’s 10-day Sabbath Journey to the promise manifestation at Pentecost (Acts 1:10-12). Peter equates the event at Pentecost to Joel’s darkened signs that mark the end of the world (Acts 2:16-20, Joel 3:15-16). Significantly, the Ascension Solar Eclipse of 5/9/2013 was also pivotally aligned with Isaac’s birth fulfillment of Isaac’s birth, which began the 37 year countdown to Sarah’s rest at 127 in the Promise Land of Canaan “according to the time of life” (Gen 18:10, 14, 23:1-2). This 37-year period corresponds to the 10-day Sabbath Journey to Pentecost. “37equates to the “The heart of Wisdom.”


In the fall of 2013, the Holy Spirit revealed that the timeline was in profound coordination with the system of gematria, which associates numeric values to letters and words to elevate spiritual edification. When seeking a meaning for 89 as a factor of Daniel’s 1335 days (15 x 89), an online result tied the number to the Holy Spirit.” The same system maintained 2701 as the significant foundation number holding the value for Gen 1:1 the creation verse forecasting special anagrams as “172” words in the promise gift of the Ten Commandments, “127” as Sarah’s age when laid to rest in the Promise Land of Canaan (Gen 23:1-2) and 2017 as an epic year of light when Chai Sarah fell on “11/11” for the first time in 73 years. 1111 portrays Gen 1:1 and John 1:1 as the two “In the beginning” verses of the bible while holding the value for “The Witness,” “Iota,” The Foundationsand “The Flood.” It is also amazing that the digits “1111” first occurs at the 12700th position of Pi. Hebrews 11:11 describes Sarah’s reward for her faith in the promise.

Through faith also Sara herself received strength to conceive seed, and was delivered of a child when she was past age, because she judged him faithful who had promised.

With respect to the timeline, an initial count of 555 days from the Solar Eclipse Ascension 5/9/13 landed on the fifth Torah Reading - Chai Sarah 11/15/2014. 555relates to “Walking with God” and “discernment.” 555 feet equates to6660” inches. Little was it known then; that “Chai Sarah” and the number “555” would be keenly featured as prominent concluding figures at the end of the timeline. In retrospect, we now fully appreciate the profound significance of Chai Sarah 11/15/14 that also counted 1275 days from May 21, 2011 as well. Astonishingly, from the first Chai Sarah watch 11/15/2014 to the last Dry-land Day watch 5/9/2021 are 2368 days. “2368holds the gematria value for the Lord Jesus Christwho has been truly present all along!  

1275 is the 50th Triangular Number which also equals the sum (50). From Epic Chai Sarah 11/11/17 to the last day turns out to be 1335 days Below is a harmonious snap shot of the Ascension Attention and Final  Chai Sarah timelines to the  last day uncovered by walking in the light:

May 21, 2011

Iyar 17

7000 years

from flood

Dry land day

Solar eclipse

May 19, 2012

365 days = 5 x 73

Solar year

355 days = 5 x 71

Lunar year

Ascension Day

Solar Eclipse

May 9, 2013

Sabbath Journey

Ten Years from


Iyar 27

Iyar 29

5 x (73 +71) = 5 x 144The Elect

Description: Image result for May 21 guarantee images

19 =  “The Earth”  “He shall come”

157 = “New Covenant”

The Ascension Attention Timeline

May 21, 2011

Iyar 17

End of


The Epic Chai Sara Timeline of  Life

4046 years


2 x 17 x 119

119 = Deliverance

4050 years


2 x 27 “Hath Told” x 50 “Everything”

2030 BC

Sarah’s Rest

In Canaan

@ age 127

Isaac 37

8983 years


13 x 691

691 = “Power”


43 “Great Joy” X 303 “Oath”

13,029 years


Journey to the Promise Land


Summer at the doors